Lg dual play glasses

lg dual play glasses

With LG's Dual Play enabled and the special Dual Play glasses, the company says players see two discreet, full-screen images, as opposed to the traditional.
With the introduction of LG's Dual Play “technology”, two players playing a Any Passive 3D TV; Any split screen capable game; Dual Play glasses or modified.
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Please consider updatingor get a better alternative like Google ChromeFirefoxApple Safarior Opera all free! Increase your maximum bid:. Lg dual play glasses the split screen separated is also important to avoid distractions for each download video editor without watermark or in competitive situations. Nice, durable, and light weight. I know it might not be that useful besides watching love and action movies the same timebut it seems to me to be the next step. Quite often this is the upper half versus the lower half, but some games allow left versus right as . LG dual play glasses full screen 2 player game play lg dual play glasses