Silkie guinea pig

Silkie guinea pig

One of my Silkie Guinea Pigs named Lucky. He is around two years old, and enjoying some veggies. Please.
These little pets have some gorgeous hair-dos! Learn more about the Silkie guinea pig breed.
Watch a Beautiful Silkie Guinea pig being judged by Robert Spitzer at the Ontario cavy club convention 2015.

Silkie guinea pig - freecell

It actually looks like the hair had been styled that way on purpose. This breed is rather high-maintenance, so it is probably not the best choice for a young child. There are not special tips for this breed. Your email address will not be published. Any color except tan are acceptable for showing. The show life of a silkie is much shorter than most other guinea pigs, including the Abyssinian. She is calico and very shy and is very shy around my other older female guinea pig. Silkie guinea pig

Silkie guinea pig -

When it comes to their personality, the Silkie has a great reputation. It is among the most prominent of all the guinea pig types due to its personality and its appearance. Enter characteristics of what you are looking for and find them instantly. The cage that they live in should be big enough where they can walk or run around without any problems. Because of its length, the silkie's coat requires far more attention than the Abyssinian's coat, though the difference in care between the two breeds can be a little less if your guinea pig is purely a pet. Editor's Picks The Life Span of a Teddy Guinea Pig What Does It Mean When a Guinea Pig Drags Its Butt on the Ground? Silkies have lovely locks unlike any other guinea pig. Since the hair gets thicker as it goes back, when viewed from above the Silkie guinea pig has a distinct tear drop shape. To keep their locks healthy and growing, the Silkie requires constant maintenance and touch-ups. Any color except tan are acceptable for showing. Similar to the brushing process, washing the Silkie guinea pig must Silkie guinea pig apart of their weekly schedule. This shyness means that they make take longer to warm up to their owners, so consistent handling is necessary to increase their comfort. Temperament Silkie guinea pigs are known to be the most gentle of the guinea pig breeds. The hair is usually slightly longer at the rear.