Trilux suit sight

trilux suit sight

earlier, i got a SUIT infantry scope to go with my very awesome but like thousands of the others in the country, it's tritium vial was burnt  Bore Sighting L2A2 SUIT TRILUX.
NO RESERVE rare fnc fn with factory scope fabrique Sightmark Reflex Sight + Laser + FAL Scope Mount British S.U.I.T. Trilux L2A2 Scope L1A1 FN FAL.
Israeli Trilux SUIT Scope. Good condition with no mount. Rubber eyecap is missing the strap that tightens it to scope. A hose clamp or zip tie will keep it on tight.
The Military Rifle Competition Forum. Without doubt a Picatinny railed top cover would allow a far lower sight line. Assuming that the primary task trilux suit sight a Rifle is to hit a point target on the battlefield with an aimed shot, then the optimum design of its sighting system is an essential design requirement. I followed all leads in the thread and emailed the addresses specified Im afraid and no replies, and "stock" levels were zero via CandlePower. Some aftermarket comps did ok. trilux suit sight