Firefall the game wiki

firefall the game wiki

The information on this wiki is outdated as of update 1.6 on January and is preparing for a face lift. Rewriting this wiki will take a.
Red 5 Studios cherishes the Firefall IP and we are continuing to make the game in the best way that we can. Additionally we are working to bring the IP to other.
Welcome to R Firefall! Fan run subreddit for Firefall News, Links, Discussions and More! Firefall Wiki Page. Quick Guidelines. There are no rules here. Just don't.
Tigerclaw gameplay - before patch 0.6 firefall the game wiki Create your own and start something epic. Editing guide Sample article Staff Donate Code of conduct. Can't find a community you love? Important : This wiki is not yet updated with the latest patch info. Blackwater Swamp - Moisture Farm - Shanty Town - Sunken Harbor - The Rig - Omnidyne-M Prototype Arena. Quad poker run Broken Peninsula sits far from Accord-controlled regions, and has become a warzone for mercenaries vying for the seemingly endless treasure buried in the Earth.