Laptop usb ports not working

laptop usb ports not working

I have a Sony Vaio laptop with an Intel Pentium M For some reason the two USB ports have stopped working and no USB devic All USB Ports not working on Dell 610 laptop.
I was gaming with my laptop lid closed one night and eventually all 4 of my USB ports shut off. I didn't think anything of it, thinking that it was just.
If when you plug a usb device into the port and nithing happens or its not How to fix USB port problem - Not. laptop usb ports not working What to do if usb ports r not working By Sen

Laptop usb ports not working - how

One or more USB ports on my Thinkpad die every week. Are you able to do a Windows Restore back to a time just before the ports stopped working? Following are the solutions to figure out the problem. Can I just replace the broken one inside the laptop or do I have to install anything like the USB Hub on Device Manager or any software to make the new port working? This time, i sat and considered 'every' angle. Find out who represents you in Wyoming's legislature. If not, try going to the manufacturer's website and see if you can download the driver from there.
I had the same problem. Put battery back in… plugged everything back in, to include all USB AND POWER. What this does is force the computer try to recognize your USB devices. I have lenovo yoga laptop, Where my USB port is not working all of a sudden. Scan for new hardware. That's the kind of mouse that has a round connector instead of a USB connector.

Laptop usb ports not working - free slots

Hope this works out for you! There is a way to copy the driver from your desktop to the laptop, but the above step is less work and you'll be sure to get the most up-to-date version of the driver. The problem occurs can be due to many issues. Anyone got an idea of how to fix it? This solved my problem after updating the driver using Browse my computer for driver software from the Driver directory. If so forget Linux, it's a Windows issue, if not, it's a hardware issue. All these suggestions are basically like throwing darts at a dartboard and suggesting that idea next.