Re downloading games on 3ds

re downloading games on 3ds

From there you can redownload any game /application previously downloaded. If a game was saved to your 3DS instead of the SD card its locked to that console.
My brother played a not-so-funny prank and returned my 3DS to the factory settings, which deleted games I had bought from the eShop. Can I.
So my girlfriends little brother bought a ton of games from the 3ds store there should be a list of all the things you can redownload from there. re downloading games on 3ds
The rep told me it'd be two business days before the ID was transferred to the new device, and an email from Nintendo would show up when the process was complete. Log in or sign up in seconds. Any and all games ever downloaded on that system will be listed. It is the definitive silver bullet necklace gamestop of Animal Crossing, with. I'm not asking if there's a way to do it re downloading games on 3ds my old console or a SD card but if there's a way to link to my old account, some settings option I'm not noticing or if I've truly messed up here, I may not have been terribly clear here so I'm more than willing to clarify any point. Think I'll let off some steam by writing a very disappointed email to Nintendo about it. Sign up for free!