Stormin norman rumack

stormin norman rumack

Stormin Norm Rumack. 50 likes ยท 1 talking about this. Freelance Radio, TV, Internet sports talk show host. Check out the Stormin Norman Show and Blog.
The only on-air staff member to go was late-night host Norm Rumack, who was at the station when it launched its all-sports format in.
Norm Rumack has been with THE FAN since its inception in September but you won't hear him on THE FAN 590 any longer. Stormin '.

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Fucking Norm "the gimp" Rumak!!!!! It was fun late-night radio back in the day. It was obvious throughout the years that the station's management thought he was a dolt - every other on air personality was given shots at various jobs during daytime and evenings or filling in for others when they were on vacation or sick but never Norm, only once can I remember him on air during the day and he was brutal. Retrieved from " And when there arent commercials, Gord and Don are about as funny as Carrot Top. Norm, was a classy guy who always treated me and the other players I know with respect and honor. stormin norman rumack UOIT Ridgebacks - What UOIT women's hockey is all about I know weho he ois but don't remember ever listening. The leafs can never beat the sabres anyway - its just how it is. Too bad I never got one of his famed Hammerhead Alert shirts. It's been just over a year now and it seems as if Rumack hasn't surfaced. Hitro Okesene should be brought back to the fan in a new format. A number of years ago stormin norman rumack guessing five preaches the Sabres Gospel now. Folks, you haven't missed much by not listening to Norm lately.