Treasure map key symbols

treasure map key symbols

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All the symbols for a map are often grouped together in a MAP KEY for reference. In atlases and professional maps, there are also Map Keys that indicate different kinds of lettering, the size of cities, population and other Treasure Map Key.

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This information, as I stated, locates only treasure accumulation rooms. Their juvenile tactics to disrupt these kinds of postings is their aim, lets defeat them my preempting. I have abstracted his post here in its entirely because it is a watershed post... The monthly map activities have also proven useful in teaching map skills. In closing, many of you have e-mailed me asking for help with symbols and signs. The object critics, who know nothing, but pretend to know it all. They dont want this information to be revealed. The "T" symbol, as with ALL other john dc gow blog symbols, has different meanings, and these meanings change as you get "deeper" into the treasure codes as you go from the alpha and get to where you are pin-pointing the treasures location. You may remember how I told you to look for a notch in one of these other boulders, and that you need to sight through this notch, which will lead you to a very specific spot on the ground. There isn't a local site available. Rangler Thanks for the post. The Hunt Starts Treasure map key symbols. treasure map key symbols
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