Multiplayer game apps for couples

multiplayer game apps for couples

These apps will be fun for you and your partner to use together. The game can be a good bonding for couple who are person or multiplayer through WiFi or over Bluetooth. ‎ Recommended Mobile · ‎ Recommend Intimate · ‎ Questions and Answers.
More LDR fun is right at your fingertips with these classic multiplayer board and card games that are now available in the Apple app store.
Wrapping up the series of two player games for couples, we are talking game apps! These are some games we have found fun to play while. Top 5 multiplayer games of April 2016 for Android/iOS (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth)
Frebble Lets You Hold Hands Across Continents. Two Player Reactor Was this step helpful? If we missed any of the best multiplayer games for Android, tell us about them in the comments! Abbie Carmichael Was this step helpful? Illustration by Steve Cooper.