Troves of the thunder king achievement

troves of the thunder king achievement

Basically the In The Hall Of The Thunder King Achievement is being . doing all the dailies and getting the Arcane Trove /Sunreaver Bounty. List of Removed Content for 7.0?.
I did it! I finally managed to get the entirety of the [In The Hall Of The Thunder King ] achievement in a single.
The Troves of the Thunder King allows you to walk into Lei Shen's treasure vaults, You can kill him for part of an achievement, or let him go. God-Hulk Gulkan (Troves of the Thunder King - Warlock PoV)
troves of the thunder king achievement

Troves of the thunder king achievement - party

Went after this achievement after I heard it would become a FoS on Warlords. Mogu Statues These statues work much like the statues found in the Halls of Guo-Lai -- run near them and they will haul back, slamming down a hammer and stunning anyone caught in their path. Thanks for the map, I better get out there and look! My basic strategy was zerg to the levers, ignoring golden chests unless they are right in my path. Ultimately you probably have a minute, minute and a half or even two minutes spare time if you do everything perfectly depending on your class. Search videos on youtube to know where they are and how to access to them. From the initial spawn position in the scenario, head north to speak with Taoshiby the door. Knowing and memorizing these possible locations brings you to win. Don't make the same mistake as I did. If you hurry you should do make it-wasn't hard, just stack alot of consumables to avoid aggro. Personally he's always spawned from the first chest on your left. The fact that you can only attempt these requirements once a week is ridiculous.