Freewinds cruise ship pictures

freewinds cruise ship pictures

Answer 1 of 10: Does anyone have any specific information about the cruise ship Freewinds? It arrives in port on April 22 and departs at.
The motor vessel Freewinds --> is a ship based in the Caribbean. The ship, in turn, is the home of the Flag Ship Service Organization (FSSO), a religious retreat ministering the most advanced level of spiritual counseling in the Scientology religion. To a Scientologist.
I remember we had a thread about the Freewinds last summer. It is a cruise ship operated by the Church of Scientology and often docks in.

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But then u might be subject to lots of junk mail from that site. Years of training and auditing have brought him to this ultimate point. One Day in Aruba from a Cruise Ship? Youth for Human Rights. The ship's leisure facilities include a restaurant, lounge, cabaret, swimming pool, movie theater and beauty salon. freewinds cruise ship pictures