Platytes thyonella

Species: X. thyonella. Binomial name Platytes thyonella Schaus, Xubida thyonella is a moth in the Crambidae family. It was described.
Diatraea sobrinalis, ○. Xubida narinella, ○. Ubida neogynaecella, ○. Ubida cretaceipars, ○. Platytes thyonella, ○. Ubida delinqualis, ○. Xubida venadialis, ○.
Family: Crambidae. Genus: Xubida. Species: X. thyonella. Binomial name. Xubida thyonella (Schaus, Synonyms. Platytes thyonella Schaus.

Platytes thyonella -

Water hyacinth moth Niphograpta is used to control its host, in Florida. Please, create an account or log in to add comments. Their versatility has enabled them to become the most species-rich members of all ecological guilds in most environments. The face of a caterpillar with the mouthparts showing. Xubida thyonella is a moth in the Crambidae family. Google Maps is a web mapping service provided by Google that features a map that users can pan by dragging the mouse and zoom by using the mouse wheel. Male moths can sense the pheromones of female moths over great distances.

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MARIO GAMES DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS 7 This name is no longer in use: it is now a synonym of the current scientific name, Picea abies. Project editor in chief and administrator: Peter Khramov. Synonyms may arise whenever the same taxon is described and named more than once, independently. Platytes thyonella can, it may be said, never be Souplantation realized. Thus they are synonyms. It is sometimes subdivided into subtribes. The word "animal" comes Platytes thyonella the Latin animalis, meaning having Télesphore, living .
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