Egt temps after turbo duramax

egt temps after turbo duramax

I am curious what is the normal egt range on your pyro gauge while normal GVWR, GCVWR, X-cab, LB, LML Duramax Allison the installed pyro (post) and a pre- turbo installation temperatures. Max EGT's for extended periods of time.
I have mine installed at the downpipe after the turbo, what is the difference in temperature compared to the manifold location? If I see.
After two weeks and towing miles, my new digital gauge This is the first data I have from a Duramax. Sounds like your pyro is located downstream of the turbo. Also, you might have a look near the end of TDP's 2002 gauge install piece to see more info about typical LB7 pressures and temps.
egt temps after turbo duramax Two things can create a rich mixture under heavy loads or at full throttle: the first is too much fuel, and the second is not enough air. Pyrometers are especially important in diesel engines that are exclusively for towing, or that have been modified for enhanced performance characteristics. Visit Mark Rinker's homepage! User Name SAVE FAQ Forum Rules. Stock boost pressures typically run anywhere from the high teens to low twenties. For more information on the Banks pyrometer, see Banks DynaFact Gauges. GlowShift- (Gauge install and thoughts on 2004 PowerStroke) Pillar gauges EGT, Boost, and Fuel PSI