Popular facebook games 2016

popular facebook games 2016

The statistic show the ten most played social games on Facebook as of October 2016, measured by daily active users. In that month Candy Crush Saga.
Here we have collected the 25 most addictive Facebook games. Texas Holdem PokerIt is another game by Zynga and it also is a very popular mini game on.
Naruto Online by Oasis Games (APAC) – As a very important platform for its global strategy, Oasis leveraged the reach of Facebook to publish popular IP game.
Top 10 Facebook Games 2015 Levels are pre-made with already added blocks, which leads to different strategy each time. What can be more fun than having free games and in the same time expand your friend list? PixelJunk Monsters Online takes the same game and migrates it to the Web, where you're not only defending territory but expanding it as. Explore Games by Genre. It is a super addictive and super thrilling game that efficiently keeps you hooked on to your miss kitty costume screen for hours. You get to choose heroes and create an army of warriors, rangers, wizards and popular facebook games 2016 Here crops that a player harvests can be harvest for sale.