The book amos fortune

the book amos fortune

by Elizabeth Yates, read by Ray Childs This book won the Newbery Medal in Mistakenly classified as nonfiction, it is really a biographical.
12 quotes from Amos Fortune, Free Man: 'some things are too wonderful even for a Rate this book Amos Fortune, Free Man Quotes (showing 1-12 of 12).
Amos Fortune, Free Man (Newbery Library, Puffin) I was excited to read this book because it was a title I recognized but I really didn't know what it was about.

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They do not need to be given all the horrors of the slave trade to know it was wrong and the lesson that Amos taught with his life was one that children need to learn and can learn from this book. I found the pacing of this book strange and off-putting there are poignant moments where Amos reflects on the most minute detail of a sunset, preceeded and followed by paragraphs where whole decades fly by , but perhaps life can be a bit blurry in a similar way. As a book, I would probably rate it highly in a list of similar children's biographies for interest and readability. Yet it was he who had given her freedom. Aside from descriptions and insights there are also religious aspects to this book. The thing that struck me most about this book is that Amos is not tortured or horribly hurt in any way by being a slave. amos fortune comedy the book amos fortune