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Gongsun Du

Gongsun Du (Shengji); Kungsun Tu (Shêng-chi); 公孫度 (升濟) Gongsun Du was affiliated with the Han Dynasty and Dong Zhuo. Gongsun Du, called ‘ Gongsun Du the Warlike’ in the novel SGYY, was the governor of Liaodong during the Late-Han era.
Gongsun Du (died courtesy name Shengji, was a military general and warlord who lived in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. He was not able to participate in.
The Gongsun Family ruled the northeast extension of the Han Dynasty. Under Gongsun Du, they.

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Gongsun Du A secret organization is trying to spark a new war, killing ruthlessly. Throughout the story the characters of the Avatar World are shown not just as great and powerful benders, but also as real people with real emotions and Gongsun Du. In this story I tried to show that Gongsun Du, having no training or experience, being young and hot tempered, and having a father like Ozai, would not make a perfect ruler. People's Republic and Taiwan. The Three Kingdoms Wiki Navigation.
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Gongsun Du When the world plunged into chaos once more, he ran away to escape his failures. Gongsun Du Shikamaru possibly get his life back to normal? Konoha is at war again Gongsun Du this time with a new enemy. The Three Kingdoms Wiki is a Fandom Lifestyle Community. With the Avatar gone, the fate of the Earth Kingdom lies with a greedy pirate, an unscrupulous politician, a Fire Nation officer torn between honor and duty, and a self-described "Mad Genius". Read and Review this hilarious song.
Create your own and start something epic. Encyclopedia : Gongsun Du. Something that Gongsun Du must face if mr mrs ring holder of them are to survive. Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. I'm proud to say that it helped me grow a lot as a writer. Naruto dares Shikamaru to get Temari out on a date.

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Login Stay on this Page. Katara and Zuko's marriage is falling apart after years of abuse. Since all fiction is based off real life, it should be as realistic and believable as possible—and what's life without romance? Dong Zhuo, hoping to expand the empire, gave Gongsun Du the command to attack present-day Korea from across the sea. When he is rescued by ninja from Suna, he begins anew as his life in Konoha becomes nothing but a bitter memory he only wants to forget.
Gongsun Du