Kenosis theory

kenosis theory

The kenosis theory states that Jesus gave up some of His divine attributes while He was a man here on earth. These attributes were omniscience, omnipresence.
In Christian theology, kenosis is the 'self-emptying' of one's own will and becoming entirely In this interpretation, Paul was not primarily putting forth a theory about God in this passage, rather he was using God's humility exhibited in the  ‎ Etymology and definition · ‎ New Testament usage · ‎ In Christology · ‎ See also.
(1) "About the middle of the nineteenth century a new form of Christology made its appearance in the Kenotic theories." This is how Berkhof. kenosis theory

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Instead we should say that the fact that Jesus was tempted, ate, slept, and felt emotion indicates that He was a genuine human being. He ministered as a man anointed by the Holy Spirit. Other NT writers recognized the full Deity of Christ Zaspel , Catholic Encyclopedia , Buntin. We all perform tasks without being completely conscious of doing them. Question of the Week. When He was living, acting, speaking, suffering, denying full knowledge of events, claiming total dependence on the Spirit, etc.