Play crazy 8 card game

play crazy 8 card game

Crazy Eights is an addicting, card game that everyone played at some time. Around the world, Crazy Eights has many variations like “Uno”.
Eight cards are dealt to each player (or seven in a two-player game). The top card is then turned face up to start the game.
Rules and variants of the card game Crazy Eights. Play stops and everyone scores for the cards remaining in their hands. However, a. play crazy 8 card game Cratesdescribed by Richard Hussong. Have the player to the left of the dealer go. If a player throws an offensive card during their turn, the next player in line can either block with a defensive card, play their own offensive card, or pick as the offensive card dictates before playing on. Games for Your Website. Over successive games, it is the player with the least points when you finish playing who wins. Szu Kay Wong suggests.

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More pages with rules of Crazy Eights variants:. Following the ace, the next player must play according to the suit or the rank of the ace. You have to put the heart below to show it matching and then the club on top changes the suit. There are many variations of this game - please read the rules for the version presented here. If you fail to do so you must draw cards usually two from the stock as a penalty... CRAZY 8'S Fun and Easy Card Games