Roll a pair of dice 5 times

roll a pair of dice 5 times

A pair of dice will be rolled 5 times. Find the probability that the total showing on them will be at least 9 on exactly 3 of the 5 rolls. I need serious.
What are the odds of not getting 6 on a given roll: 5 / 6. Now since Throw a dice six times - are you certain to get at least one six? The mean.
A die is rolled 5 times, what is the probability that there are exactly 2 fives? . of ways of arranging the two fives amongst the 5 dice - (5 2)= 5!2!. roll a pair of dice 5 times Probability Rolling 2 Learn more about Stack Overflow the company. He reaches in. So we can subtract that each time. If we think of this as a game in which we win if this happens, then losing. I think this comment violates the Community Guidelines. What's the probability in that situation?