Ultimate x-men vol 1

ultimate x-men vol 1

Ultimate X - Men is a superhero comic book series that was published by Marvel Comics from .. In Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1 she begins dating Peter Parker, better known as Spider-Man. She left the team to live with . Volume 1: The Tomorrow People, Ultimate X - Men ISBN Volume 2: Return To.
The place is a world very much like ours. The time is now. The phenomenon is genetic mutation. It is a time of change. Humanity now faces mutants.
ULTIMATE X - MEN # 1 -6: The Tomorrow People. Ultimate X - Men # 1: 38 pages + cover • February In response to a terrorist attack on Washington by. ultimate x-men vol 1
I presume he will continue to do so as he has in practically every other X-Men book I've ever read. It's an entirely new world, with new versions of the X-Men to go with it. As the Cyclops, Storm and Jean Grey along with Weapon X' Nightcrawler penetrate a secret genetics lab. The X-Men are there to protect innocent people and ultimate x-men vol 1 off the Sentinels. Dark Horse Comics Database. Create your own and start something epic.