Wicked theatre cast

wicked theatre cast

Meet the team that brings the story of WICKED to life.
A guide to Wicked at the Gershwin Theater New York Cast and Creative Teams at New York City Theater. Feb 4 - Oct 31.
Up-to-date Wicked cast and company information, read reviews and find tickets. RUNNING TIME 2hr. (1 intermission). LOCATION Gershwin Theatre. Galinda tells Elphaba of her plans to marry Fiyero even though he hasn't proposed and Elphaba confesses that her father blames her for the death of her wicked theatre cast, who died birthing Nessarose. Would it be possible to compile a complete list of everyone who's gone on as Elphaba and Glinda? For Boq - Joe Toland, Joe Sleight. Is elated to be joining the cast of Wicked. Dance Captain: Maria Graciano.
wicked theatre cast Wicked the Musical