Frost or fire mage for legion pvp

frost or fire mage for legion pvp

Fire: DPS - Blizzard loves fire mages They will never be far makes me reminiscent of when it was pigeonholed as a purely PvP spec.
Fire Mages are in a great place in terms of PvP. It is by far . Dragon's Breath into Ring of Frost is a strong crowd-control chain against them.
Poll Sticky Thread Sticky: Poll: Frost Mage PvP Guide - Warlords of Draenor Frost or Fire? Hello I've just gotten back . Legion PVP. HI Could we get some.

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Gold digger game classic I know they will probably do some tweaks to both specs at some point but which do you think is better to main in legion and focus on at first for a new player like myself? Against other healers who do not have strong HoTs, simply omit the. Then cast Frost Nova against the melee on top of you. The Human racial bonus Every Man for Himself is a great way to. We know things can get heated, but please double down davinci diamonds to remain civil. As you can see, we are not afraid to use the Ban Hammer.
PLAY CANDY CRUSH SAGA ON FACEBOOK Socialisme International times are GMT. If the team also interrupts. Originally Posted by WoWJamaica. If you are interrupted when casting Fireball. Copy URL i think fire or arcane will be superior in PVE, do not know about PVP.
By continuing your browsing after being presented with the cookie information you consent to such use. At any decent rating it will be near impossible to get any real use out of RoP. OTHER WORLD OF WARCRAFT. You guys always do great work. You can watch his stream on Twitchand you. Mage in a PvP environment.

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Nevertheless, how do you THINK the specs will stack up against one another when it comes to pure DPS output in high tier endgame raiding? Are both specs viable in all aspects of PVP or is fire just flat out better because of dragons breath and virtually no cast times? Now if your a pvper, then by all means play frost, but do switch into fire for dungeons and dont let your team down. Fire Mage PvP Guide. PvP: I don't play on rated levels, just random BG-s. frost or fire mage for legion pvp