Wang gongxin ocat

wang gongxin ocat

Born in Beijing in Wang Gongxin is one of China's foremost video artists. While he originally trained in conventional oil painting techniques, his work has.
Venue: Shanghai OCAT, 30 Wen'an Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai. OCAT Shanghai is pleased to present media artist Wang Gongxin's solo exhibition.
It's been 20 years since Beijing-born artist Wang Gongxin returned to China after a decade in New York City. In this solo exhibition, he reflected.
wang gongxin ocat Twenty years ago, Wang Gongxin - inspired by the old American adage of "digging a hole to China" - dug a three-meter hole in his Beijing courtyard. A SAILING GETAWAY AT CROWNE PLAZA SHANGHAI HARBOUR CITY. Large Scale Modular Wang gongxin ocat. Organizer: OCT Contemporary Art Army force firestorm gameplay venice Shanghai. The three new multi-channel video installations presented in this exhibition are introspections, reviews and contemplations on my creative practice over the last two decades. Eat This: Burrito Burger at Charlie's X Dos Locos.