Poker how to play preflop

poker how to play preflop

Some of the most important decisions you will make in a hand happen before the flop - Poker Strategy articles from
In this series of articles, I'm going to break down every poker play in the book. Literally. That's why it's called The Playbook! Preflop Open-Fold.
Recently I was playing Limit Texas Hold'em online and I noticed something striking about one of the players at my table. While you might think that raising pre-flop when UTG is a more costly strategy the opposite is actually true. Raise with A-A, K-K, A-Ks, Q-Q, A-K, J-J, A. Poor preflop decisions can often snowball into larger mistakes after the flop. These are not those circumstances. You are on the Button, meaning you are the dealer. Complete these tasks and win iPads, Steam vouchers and more. Now it's your turn to make a decision.

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Suppose you are the dealer, in which case you are in the BU position on the Button. Test your knowledge in the NLHE quiz. It also reminds you when you should call a raise and when you should raise again. Otherwise you want to be limping. However, if you make a bad decision before the flop, you may well set yourself up for a big loss by getting yourself into a sticky position or missing out on a potentially rewarding hand.

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AQs even AQo has more outs to become best hand than JTs.. Like the chart format. Best Online Poker Rooms. Only by having a good post-flop game, in combination with using the charts, will you gain any benefit from them. But what about a heads up pot? poker how to play preflop