Check raise poker club

check raise poker club

Yeah that's a retarded rule, I rarely utilize check raises but when I do it's . been some casinos and card rooms that have implemented the rule.
I don't play a lot of pots out of position. When I do play out of position, the most common scenario is that I've open- raised preflop and someone.
i've noticed over the past few months i NEVER check raise got me thinkin' as to when the best times to do it if ya flop. Jungleman does the old check raise bluff on the river against Sam Trickett check raise poker club

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Well thats a tough one to answer, its kind of a feel thing. I'll send you an email if I add something new and interesting to the website. Poker and The Big Mo. Online Poker at: Poker Stars. When I was in jail we played poker for soup and they didn't allow check raising. Think about it — rather than simply lead with a bet, it's a non-straightforward, multi-stage procedure that gives the impression of having drawn an opponent into a "trap" when his or her bet doesn't elicit a fold or a mere call, but an antagonistic raise. Les plus grands tournois de poker.