Since 2007 we host the annual Bremen ECORD Summer School at the MARUM, University of Bremen. By hosting one of only three IODP core repositories in the.
The European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling is a consortium of 14 European countries, Canada and Israel that was formed in 2003 to join the.
The latest Tweets from ECORD (@ECORD_Outreach). ECORD coordinates the European, Canadian and Israeli participation in IODP and operates scientific.

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Ocean drill cores are available for scientists from all over the world, and are stored and curated in three core repositories: the US Gulf Coast Repository in College Station, Texas, the Bremen Core Repository at the University of Bremen, Germany Marum , and the Kochi Core Center at Kochi University, Japan. Videos : ECORD TV. ECORD is an independent platform provider funding and implementing mission-specific platform MSP operations for IODP. Base de dados de projectos financiados. All expedition-generated data and publications are available online IODP , ECORD.

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ECORD is now part of the International Ocean Discovery Program, which addresses crucial questions in Earth, Ocean, Environmental and Life sciences based on drill cores, borehole imaging, observatory data, and related geophysical imaging obtained from beneath the ocean floor using specialized ocean-going drilling and research vessels and platforms. ECORD shares interests and closely collaborates with various international science programmes in order to meet future challenges: The IODP scientific objectives can be only achieved by combining multiple drilling platforms. Scientific drilling may provide solutions to major societal problems and can help to sustainably use natural resources. ECORD at science conferences. ECORD offers a number of educational activities to students and early-career scientists, as well as to the science community and educators. GEOMAR, Germany ECORD-ILP Chair. University of Geneva, Switzerland EMA Assistant Director.