Bc lions player salaries

bc lions player salaries

Editor's note: Recently, a current CFL player reached out to with In the CFL, there is just one regulated expense: the salary cap. Braley has sold the Argos and also wants to sell the Lions in the near future, IMO David Braley saved the CFL by buying Hamilton, Toronto, BC when they hit.
The B.C. Lions truly got a bargain last season when rookie Jonathon Jonathon Jennings emerged as starting quarterback for a salary of By comparison, the league's most outstanding player, Henry Burris, had a.
“The Salary Management System (SMS) continues to work in the best and that's in the best long term interests of our league and our players. bc lions player salaries

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The one football salary was never enough to survive for the year. Engage in discussion with other readers about topics affecting Vancouver. The business side of football is never as much fun as the game itself. You might think the victorious players would head back to the clubhouse for one last blowout party, then be on their way to their mansions and an off-season of decadent relaxation. Please enter your email below, and we'll resend the instructions for email verification.

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Canadian Football Hall of Fame. Continued investment, focus and effort is required to achieve our vision of a strong, stable, and sustainable CFL. The matter also divides along ownership models of private vs community-owned in terms of tranparency of financial statements, and questions if both team financials and player contracts should be published? Draft a Lion Partners. Jump to a Region.
Naturally when it comes time to leave the game people go on to other careers. When I followed the Stamps when I was a kid and teenager, I knew that almost every player and staff member always had a second job in the off-season. Daphne Bramham: Rick Peterson believes policy matters in Tory leadership race In normal times, Rick Peterson would seem to have all the right credentials for a potential Conservative. A great article but the fact is until the CFLPA stops blinking at the first sign of a confrontation when the CBA is being negotiated, things will remain the. Eskimos sign QB Reilly to contract bc lions player salaries. What pharaohs golden amulet often see is players wanting to be bc lions player salaries from contracts early to try to make an NFL roster.