Games to make reading fun

games to make reading fun

For some kids, reading is like doing the hokey pokey upside down, underwater, in a clown suit — freakishly hard and not at all fun. Here's how parents can help.
“Honey, let's play a game!” Which would get a better response in your family? Reading games are a great way to make learning fun. Here are.
10 Activities That Make Reading Fun For Kids. By Molly 1 Comment. Are you looking for ways to encourage your child to read? Here are a The Rhyme Game. Jay and other experts offer easy, engaging ideas that are tied to crucial literacy skills. If necessary, read along with him or her, saying the letter name and stressing the initial sound of the word. Write And Illustrate Your Own Bedtime Stories! I bet this game can be adapted for football or basketball, whatever sports your child is interested in. Learn more about this giant resource. Rhyming games Play rhyming games to teach about the patterns in words.
Fun Reading Games for Kids : How to Play "Backwards Spelling" the Reading Game