The Nsude Pyramids in Igboland And The Plight Of African Excavation Projects When most people think of pyramids, they think Egypt. This is a.
FROM THE DESK OF THE RECTOR The holy writ tells us, “train up a child in such a way that he will not depart from it when he grows.” This is generally the.
Nsude Pyramids were ten sacred pyramid structures built by the Nri/Ndi Igbo people in Nsude and Agbaja Qwa. Each structure is a step. Feedback video by Daniel Nsude nsude Sensible practicality versus nsude vanity! The structures were laid in groups of five parallel to each. KoloOyinbo : No they are not as big. How then can you say that structures as unique nsude pyramids were independently dreamt up by people across the globe? While those great pyramids on the Giza Plateau of Egypt including the massive sculpture known as the Great Sphinx have historically become symbols of Egyptian culture and world civilization, Nigeria and the Black race have not benefitted culturally from the Nsude pyramids in any way.

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The building of the pyramids may have been done at the same time the first or second wave of Egyptian pyramids were built by the Nubians. Jews built egyptian pyramid and during the time of exodus some migrated east while some migrated south like the etjoopian Jews and igbo There is no doubt that igbo have relationship with Hebrew and Ibo is an adaptive name of heebrew which is a fact from cultural and religious rites thats a nice exposition logica : LOL. Can someone verify this? Well, i know quite well that the great civilization of Egypt was said to have begun with the unification of upper and lower Egypt by NAMER. KoloOyinbo: I have addressed most or the points above.