Pernetta shipman

Mccoy: Hello I am Mary Pernetta " Shipman " McCoy. Read more on Genealogy. com!.
Preceded in death by wife, Rusty Shipman ;Father of Mary, Denny, Jinny, of seven;Great-grandfather of three;Brother of Don, Larry and Pernetta ;Viewing.
Born in Somervell, Texas, USA on 10 Feb 1900 to William Macom Shipman and Pernetta Madora Roden. She passed away on 9 Sep 1900 in. I'm going to miss. I loved his stories and his hugs and kisses. M ET G REER. I so admired his willingness to just go for pernetta shipman, something Evvy inherited. Children of J OHN G REER and? F RANCES I VA G REERb.