Joker suicide squad

joker suicide squad

Action · A secret government agency recruits some of the most dangerous incarcerated .. Q: Will The Joker be in the ' Suicide Squad '? · See more (Spoiler Alert!).
Here's What Inspired the Joker's Suicide Squad Makeover. The Oscar-nominated makeup team takes us behind the scenes of the D.C. Comics.
Which is the better Joker — Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight or Jared Leto in Suicide Squad? A new fan-made video from the ismahawk.

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Now, parts that i think is the weak part of the movie, I think the plot is the main reason. Oh, how the movie wants to be both of those things. Let us know what you think of the changes, and which moments should have made it into the theatrical version in the comments below. I wish this movie would inspire dressing up more. Suicide Squad is just bad. In fact, the hints were so well-planted that in a recent conversation, Hotte revealed that while rewatching the film, even he picked up on clues he had missed the first time around. Flag orders the team to extract her, but Deadshot reminds him that they had a deal — and his part is done.
joker suicide squad Suicide Squad - ALL Extended Joker Scenes in Order