Mouse wheel exceptions

mouse wheel exceptions

After installing office i find that the scroll wheel function on my mouse is not working in office However it is still working outside the office application.
Like in Windows Vista, you can configure the behavior of the mouse wheel in Windows 7. I use a mouse with a wheel most of the time and I frequently utilize the.
Me and some others on Android Police have noticed smooth- scroll extension The SmoothScroll extension allows you to add exceptions.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Security SecurityPermission for immediate callers to use this control. I had a similar problem and it was none of the above. Drag your finger from top to bottom over your mouse's scroll wheel to scroll the page down. What the heck, has Microsoft disabled this most useful functionality? Instead, scrolling the wheel now zooms in and out the screen.

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Mouse wheel exceptions The volume slide is awful, and it doesn't utilize space as well as the last update. This applies to IE as well share improve this answer. It was a removed feature! I have tried using other mice but incurr the same you have any idea on how to fix this? WebBrowserBase Class Namespace. Presses a given key. Mouse wheel exceptions Oh sweet jesus the smaller volume label on the slide doesn't mute did they even try??
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Mouse wheel exceptions 56
mouse wheel exceptions