Odds of flopping a pair

odds of flopping a pair

dwarfman wrote: They look wrong to me. Odds of flopping one pair on unpaired hole cards is 41%, I am sure. I'm certain that it is over 27%.
We noted above how the odds suggest you'll be dealt a pocket pair So, too, does the chance of flopping a set remain constant in hold'em.
This would mean that a pocket pair improves to a set ~17% of the time on the subtract this from 1 to get the probability of flopping a set. What's the probability of hitting a pair on the flop. odds of flopping a pair The point is the effective stacks need to be deep enough to justify making what would otherwise be a not-so-great. You may play conference haas post new threads. Thanks for clearing that up. Where did you get these? Let's assume you've flopped a set. PokerStars - Getting donked by runner, runner two pair!