Play online scrabble against a friend

play online scrabble against a friend

Play online with friends or other players; - Option to play over emails as well; - Also play solo / against the PC, sign up now! Welcome to Lexulous! Lexulous a fun.
Playing Scrabble online can be both great fun and great challenge. you can challenge one of your Facebook friends or play against random.
There's nothing better than playing a game of Scrabble, feeling the smooth games on Facebook, but if you want to play Scrabble against your friends, Still, it's the best way to play online, though Words with Friends has a.

Play online scrabble against a friend - official site

The gameplay is pretty much the same as the Facebook version, aside from a time limit, but it doesn't stop there. New Game by Hasbro :. A new way to find your favorite Free Games. Quadplex is a very easy to use site where you can play a classic version of the Scrabble game for free. Who Has The Biggest Brain. Also the policy of this game is that it is free to try, which means that after the trial period you have to make some payments in order to continue playing Scrabble online at The Pixie Pit. KEEP DRAWING CARDS, FRIENDS! (UNO Multicam #1 w/ Ze, Chilled, GaLm, & Aphex)