Pookies definition

pookies definition

Hey everybody, I was recently talking to my friend who happens to speak Malay and I called him the English pet name " pookie ". (pronounced.
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Pooky or Pookie may refer to: Pooky (character), one of the names of a cat Italy plays with in the anime Hetalia; Pooky (character), the teddy bear belonging to.

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For someone to be a pooky they must be beautiful, generous, caring, loving, smart, able to make you smile and be just all around amazing. Pookie the Lion, a hand puppet on the Soupy Sales television show. Log in or Sign up. Pookie, a rabbit with wings created by Ivy Wallace. Pooky's are one of a kind people and they should not be taken for granted. Big Pokey: All In! pookies definition