How much do car dealerships make a year

how much do car dealerships make a year

According to the United States Census, there were used car dealerships operating in the United States in the last year for which.
So many consumers only focus on the purchase price of the car which is a big Of course, that large a profit is not typical, but most dealers do make the bulk of.
the one i work at made 10 mil last year, smallish dealership in the probably before expenses. how many cars did they sell per month?. Please check out our Rules and FAQs. How to Get Hidden Dealer Incentives. HTML code is Off. If you don't, you're at risk of being fired. You can read about them. I'm gonna guess it varies widely depending on financing, and how much their repair shop does. I'm having problems with Top Destinations. How Much Does A Car Salesman Make Per Car- Tricky! how much do car dealerships make a year