Superfund sites in america

superfund sites in america

Superfund sites can be found across the country, and one might even exist in your neighborhood, since about 11 million Americans live within.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) site about the CERCLA statute and Superfund programs. ‎ Search for Superfund Sites · ‎ National Priorities List · ‎ Superfund History.
Superfund: National Priorities List (NPL) substances, pollutants, or contaminants throughout the United States and its territories. NPL Site Status Information - Provides links to pages containing total counts of NPL sites. superfund sites in america

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Environmental Information by Location. Despite cleanup efforts, groundwater springs contaminated with PCBs still flow into Stout's Creek. Leaky barrels can be removed, but contaminated land and groundwater remain. Contaminated Media at Superfund Sites. By damming up a powerful stream or river, a population can generate consistent amounts of hydroelectric power that, on the surface, appears to be clean, emission-free energy. Chemicals that spill onto the ground can migrate to water and food sources. Is this form of so-called energy really worth the environmental impact? Waste from metals mined in the area meant arsenic and lead contaminated the land and seeped into the groundwater. Addition of Subsurface Intrusion to the HRS - Provides details about the addition of a subsurface intrusion component to the HRS. A depleted Superfund and shrinking appropriations from Congress have delayed cleanup at some sites. A community advisory panel meets once a month to superfund sites in america developments.