1996 United States campaign finance controversy

1996 United States campaign finance controversy

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Pres Clinton says reported political campaign contributions from the Administration's 1996 decision to reverse a State Department policy that.
Overview: In late 1996, a Justice Department task force started investigating allegations of funneling foreign contributions to the Democratic National Committee and other U.S. . A look at key elements of the campaign finance controversy. ‎ Justice Department Investigation · ‎ Clinton and the DNC · ‎ Gore in the Spotlight. 1996 United States campaign finance controversy Thus, the Committee made it a priority of its investigation to determine whether this had occurred. But even they say that the same relentless approach that has helped him triumph over many personal obstacles also has led him down some unusual paths. Hillary stepped in and created what was to be called Chinagate. Trie received a reply from the President prepared by NSC staff and personally reviewed by National Security Advisor Tony Lake. Tax Preparation in Washington.

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Reported events included the following: - Clinton friend Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie pleaded guilty to charges of violating campaign finance rules in exchange for having pending indictments dropped against him in Washington and Arkansas. The DNC also targeted the Interior Department's Bureau of Indian Affairs "BIA" to influence a decision whether three bands of Wisconsin Indian tribes would be allowed to open a casino in Hudson, Wisconsin. Clinton sold seats on a trade mission to China when her husband was president. The President assured Tamraz that someone would "follow-up" with him, and detailed Presidential advisor Thomas F. The plan also suggested ways to lobby United States officials.

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Go to Campaign Finance Report Go to Politics Section. Second, it took place even though Huang had already engaged in illegal fundraising from foreign sources while at the Commerce Department, and despite the DNC's awareness of clear indications that Huang would continue to raise funds illegally as the DNC's Vice Chairman for Finance. Treasury, representing illegal contributions that were not returned to donors. What else need to be proven then CrookedKillary puppet power controlled by the biggest crooks from the Banking industry!? This is a good issue that connects the present with the past.
Larry Nichols - Excerpt from the Clinton Chronicles (Original)