Four flusher origin

four flusher origin

A: A four - flusher originally was someone who bluffs or otherwise can't of poker (and the origin of another classic piece of slang, “poker face”).
Define four–flush: to bluff in poker holding a four flushbroadly: to make a false claim: bluff. four – flusher. noun What made you want to look up four–flush?.
Four-flush definition, to bluff. See more. Origin of four-flush. Expand. 1900 Four - flushing hustlers who really knew how to gamble. verb. To live by. four flusher origin

Four flusher origin - numbers main

Pretty much in libe with the traditional meaning as in tge George Ade quote. Thanks for the definition. If someone flushes all of them, they would be a four flusher. Planets Outside The Solar System. The Urban Dictionary Mug. The meaning of pasta names. The answer may come from medieval jousts.