Planet7x gill broussard

planet7x gill broussard

5 Talent Entertainment sets out to bring Gill Broussard and his research to the forefront. Planet 7X will have you looking up into the stars with new eyes.
VFTB 313: Gill Broussard – Planet 7X. April 19, Click for larger version. THE EARTH is heading for some rough days. Predictions of a cataclysmic.
Gill Broussard (Bru-särd) Email: Website: .net. Skype: Donate: PayPal: or P.O. Box 2033. planet7x gill broussard

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Texas lottery pick 3 nites Sign in your username your password Forgot your password? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Time Is Short, Knowledge Is Power! This is also what planet7x gill broussard Bible alludes to in the book of Revelation and Luke on the latter days as Abaddon The Destroyer. If Gill is correct in his assumptions, then this latest pass of the gamblers bookcase baccarat rules will be what sets the Great Tribulation spoken of in The Bible Book Of Revelation etc into motion. All the latest stories from the best alternative news sites, updated instantly.
Jogos gratis online gratis Password recovery your email. Michael Heiser — The Watchers and the Forgotten Mission of Jesus. Fountains of the Deep. He sets out to prove that many times this Planet's appearance has cause major destruction to earth and Sun rainbow planets. The most catastrophic of those close encounters was the cause of the great flood of Noah's day, he says.

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Looking for a Topic? Sign in your username your password Forgot your password? Recent Trending Blog Topics…. Planet-X is the main event of the great Tribulation in the book of Revelation. Kiev Truce Falls Apart, and Unrest Resurges. Here are the links to download the charts and information Gill has produced:. Symbols in Plain Site. He joins Tony to discuss historical accounts of Planet X, and then lays out this belief that it's return may be imminent. The Science of God. In Part Planet7x gill broussard Gill lays a foundation, showing how the orbit of Planet X intersects with that of the Earth every few hundred years. TAGS Christianity End Times Last Days Nibiru Physics Planet X Science The Destroyer SHARE. We can extrapolate from these eye witness accounts the necessary parameters to construct such a model.