What is the green goblins real name

what is the green goblins real name

The Green Goblin has certainly been awaiting this moment since he passed up the The Green Goblin uncovers Spider-Man's real name for the first time.
A character profile for the classic Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) of - roughly -the Real Name: Norman Osborn II; Marital Status: Widowed; Known Relatives.
But their happiness didn't last long, as Emily died shortly after Harry was born. The light in his life gone, Norman became even more angry and lustful for power. what is the green goblins real name
The Amazing Spiderman 2 (2014) - Green Goblin Transformation (HD 1080p)

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Spider-Man tracks the Goblin to the Brooklyn Bridge, where a fight ensues and the Goblin throws Gwen off the side of the bridge. With this leverage Osborn was able to reclaim his position as Head of National Security and seize the Avenger's Mansion. It also drove him insane. The clone wandered the country calling himself Ben Reilly. Having done well in school with business and chemistry, Norman started his own. The Goblin's men were watching the fight, and they would kill Peter's family if he didn't kill Norman. He later forms the team Excelsior. That's who I am. Unlike his comic counterpart, he legitimately seeks to make amends for his actions by becoming the Iron Patriot, until Doctor Octopus forcibly transforms him back into the Green Goblin. Alternative versions of Venom. Over time, Osborn established a network of safe houses to store his Goblin equipment throughout New York City. This was all part of Norman's plan to distance himself from the rumors that he real canadian maple syrup uk the Green Goblin.