Who plays pennys brother

who plays pennys brother

On the season 10 premiere of The Big Bang Theory, Penny's mother and brother (played by Katey Sagal and Jack McBrayer), finally arrived.
Sons of Anarchy alum Katey Sagal will play Penny's mom Susan; while 30 Rock's Jack Brayer will take on the role of her brother.“Katey has.
Randall is Penny's brother, who appears to be older than her. Apart from Penny, he has another.
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You know it's a fantastic episode when you laugh from beginning to end, which is exactly what Penny and Leonard's second wedding did. Her mother was going to make her son a little necklace to commemorate the occasion. Christy Vanderbel slept with. The Big Bang Theory Navigation. The Big Bang Theory 's season premiere is set to air Monday, Sept. Now this is how you start a new season. A new episode of The Big Bang Theory airs next Monday night on CBS.