Game of war march slots

game of war march slots

A Game of War : Fire Age gaming guide. (4 march slots); Stronghold 21 (5 march slots). There is also some research you can do to increase your march slots.
If you only donate troops to Rallies, march speed isn't important to you. If you are going . Fourth gem slot in core & relic accessory equipment.
In Game of War: Fire Age, the Hero March Slot research simply increases your total number of marches available by 1. Additional march slots are very useful as. game of war march slots

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It gives a boost to hero xp and it includes quest rewards. Ad blocker interference detected! Related Posts: Game of War: Fire Age — Guide to Defense — Basics , Game of War: Fire Age — Guide to Defense — Advanced Filed Under: Video Games Tagged With: Game of War: Fire Age. Will your Oracle set, be powered up any in the Gear Workshop , will any research gems be in the set, what level and how many in each piece. You can always adjust this later:. All the players are neatly packed together for defensive purposes, intimidation factor, or whatever reason.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Sounds like a lot of work heh this is a game right? Super Wonder Rally Capacity Increase. March Slot I March Slot II Restorative. Happens anytime i try to use slidebar. Previous: Battle Tested: The Best Boosts For Defense Next: Interview With XxKuranxX: Once The Top Player In Game of War. Skip to Wiki Navigation. Game Of War Fire Age! Gems set bonus Research tree review