Just for feet kenya ad

just for feet kenya ad

From here is one commercial for the defunct chain Just for Feet. Features the Nike Air Jam Gasmic.
Just For Feet ran an ad during the 1999 Super Bowl XXXIII in which a Humvee of white men tracks a Kenyan runner.
" Just For Feet Super Bowl XXXIII ad - Kenyan Runner This Super Bowl ad begins with two guys in the African plains with a Humvee. 84 Lumber Super Bowl Commercial - The Entire Journey Advantages and Disadvantages of Publicity. Register to become a member today. Unfortunately for the estate, six months later, a Delaware Court in the case of North American Catholic Educational Programming Foundation Inc. Senate Candidate Makes the Worst Possible Ad About China. Just for Feet preferred this spot, the company claimed in its suit, but one network rejected it, saying it was "mean-spirited and promotes antisocial behavior. It looks like you're using an ad blocker. Such tactics can multiply the reach of a spot far beyond the price paid for its original audience. just for feet kenya ad

Just for feet kenya ad - torqued bolts

A classmate ogles her, and then shudders when he realizes the woman is really "Bob Johnson. At press time, executives for Just For Feet had not returned phone calls for comment. Ashes are coming out. Voiceover It's a match. The executive also denied that Just For Feet and Saatchi planned to go the "controversy as cheap advertising" route, that is, creating a controversy around the "Kenya" spot to generate talk and subsequent publicity. Still, the litigation and publicity have become an embarrassment to other Saatchi offices, said one executive familiar with the situation. While he is passed out, the white men force a pair of Nikes on his feet.