Nemos reef fish

nemos reef fish

Acquiring rare fish is an ongoing, primary goal in Nemo's Reef. The Rare tab of the Collections.
And plants to keep guest fish list. Green Parrotfish = Green Thalassia Green Seahorse = Green Seaweed Cluster Yellow Lionfish = Amber Sea  feeding fish on nemos reef.
Here are the Nemo's Reef combinations of plants and rocks and so on that I found to bring in new inhabitants, fish, guests or friends!. By hapipopo in forum Plants vs. Amounts go up as you go through your collection, so pay attention to how much algae you can spare. No Harwell Laboratory yellow green seaweed. And plants to keep guest fish list - Nemos reef fish Reef View Game Forum. How do I go about feeding a rare fish? NEMO'S REEF Mobile Launch Trailer

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Prior to their creation, hints for each combination can be purchased with Pearls, but the table below has every known combo to date. So good to find someone with some original thoughts on this. Nemo's Reef attract new visitors ,. Why do some plants glow highlighter purpel or blue? If anyone know more combinations please write so we can update the above for everyone. Does anyone know how? nemos reef fish

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Skip to Wiki Navigation. Check out our Nemo's Reef guide! Black with yellow strips. This also applies to "limited" rare fish.. Giant Green Grass Green Marine Bonsai Green Sea Flower.