Buy sims online no disc drive

buy sims online no disc drive

I have yet to purchase the disk for the Sims 4 yet, but I've downloaded and used the Games downloaded from orgin do not need a cd rom.
A CD drive will not be able to read the installation disc. You can use it to purchase, download, install, and play Sims 3 and all of its expansions. If you already own the disc version of Sims 3, or you purchased it online from another store.
Do i have to buy the game online or is there a way that I can get it with the You can buy an external disc drive to plug into your USB slot. No Disc drive in new laptop — The Sims Forums. On your PC, first open My Computer and navigate to the Documents folder. You can download Steam from Help us helpers to help you Thinking of helping out? Simply log into it with the same login credentials that was used to register the products. Need for Speed No Limits. Need for Speed The Run.

Buy sims online no disc drive - basketball

You can also buy a disk drive, I think an external disk drive that is what I had to get. NBA Live Mobile News. Need for Speed No Limits VR. You should be able to redeem the code you'll find in the box. Need for Speed Most Wanted. buy sims online no disc drive