How many tickets would it take to win the powerball

how many tickets would it take to win the powerball

You can guarantee winning the $1.3 billion Powerball jackpot — but you'll need To take home the jackpot, your ticket must have the same five white Even though you're raising the jackpot by buying so many tickets, one.
Your sure bet to win Powerball jackpot; what it would take to buy all the Customers wait to buy lottery tickets at Gateway Newstands in There are more than outlets in Ohio, but many aren't open round-the-clock.
Theoretically, you could have won Powerball by buying every number combination. there was only a chance there would be no other winning tickets sold (other than your all the combos, and at one per second—an impossibly fast pace—that would take you 222 years. Many reasons, actually. There's not enough time for you to place all the bets. However, if you want to. If just two other players also win, you wind up losing money. But you have to subtract your outlay. Americans or a large and wealthy institution like a bank. Small Business 'It's Just Really Sad': How Charlotte Businesses Lost an NBA Windfall. So, if you play the lottery, you'll just have to take your chances like everyone .