Pro line odds calculator

pro line odds calculator

The payout is your wager times the PRO • LINE odds of each selected game. If you wagered $2 on three games, and the selected odds were 2.35 and.
View PROLINE odds and results. How to Play. How to Play. Learn how to . Wager on football with Proline, Pointspread, Props or pools! For all of your wager.
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Government of Ontario Privacy Policy. NHL Regulation Time Betting. Multiply the odds for each game in a combination by your wager. This Web site is for the use of adults in the Province of Ontario, Canada. Calculating Prizes for POINT SPREAD Combo Play Calculate the payout for each winning combination by multiplying your wager by the payout factor for the number of games in that combination. For more information refer to the Point Spread Payout Chart. If this sounds like a foreign language to you, see our Glossary of Terms. There are no ties. Of course you have the option of Proline Point Spread betting. Share this: Facebook Twitter Google LinkedIn Email. A 'Tie' occurs when pro line odds calculator teams have the same score at the end of regulation play and injury time excludes shootouts or overtime. On POINT SPREAD, choose "Visitor Win" V or "Home Win" H.