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4 Configuration Information When you install and configure Tableau Server you may .. Wildcard certificates, which allow you to use SSL with many host names.
The problem is my BO Server and tableau server have the same mask name for URL eg Check the ssl is wildcard certificate or normal. SSL Error while login in Tableau Server | Tableau.
To use SSL, you need to install an SSL certificate on Tableau Server. Use mutual (two-way) SSL between clients (Tableau Desktop, web browsers, and. How to prepare to pass tableau desktop qualified associate certification exam

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Extract refreshes can be scheduled per-extract instead of per-workbook, and when a workbook using a Tableau Server data source is downloaded, the data extract stays on the server, resulting in less network traffic. Select the project in the project list. Restart the Server This command restarts the server. Follow the steps below to configure Tableau Server to use SSL. To do this, click the Alerts and Subscriptions tab in the Configuration dialog box and follow the steps in Configure Alerts on page Click OK to close the Configuration dialog box. Control Load Order for Multiple Embedded Views.
The user authentication type on the source site: either local for Local Authentication or a domain name for Active Directory. About the Server Process Limit The wgserver, data engine, data server, and VizQL server processes are engineered to be multi-threaded and multi-processed. However, if the user name that you are currently signed in with exists in both the current domain and the new domain you can modify the full tableau wildcard certificate for the current domain. The ability to see a view or workbook is controlled by the View permission. Its load can be created by browserbased interaction and by tabcmd.