Fortune pai gow poker house way

fortune pai gow poker house way

House Ways. At our Las Vegas dealer school, Gold Star School of Gaming, we train hundreds of students to be Pai Gow Poker dealers every year. One of the.
The Wizard of Odds gives the pai gow poker house way used at the Golden Side Bets:Analysis of various side bets such as Fortune, Jackpot.
In Fortune Pai Gow Poker, a player can place an optional Fortune Bonus Bet. . hand, and sets it according to the “ House Way ” chart for Casino Real, as shown. fortune pai gow poker house way Wie Man Pai Gow Poker Dealt - German translation of How to Deal Pai Gow Poker This includes hands containing the Joker. Play staight or flush over straight flush to improve front hand to jack or better. Five Aces: A Pair of Aces plays to the front hand. Full house : Always split unless the pair is twos and you havean ace and a king to neteller merchant fees in the front. Useful for making accurate strategy decisions. When I developed EZ Pai Gow, I also developed a house way that was actually designed to be mathematically accurate and efficient, to be included with the product as a best practices recommendation, as well as readable and sensible to dealers and players. The Wizard of Odds.